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August 15th, 2016
Howling at the Moon
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It's the land of the free...
BECAUSE of the brave.
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   When I first saw the reports of rioting, looting and arson in Milwaukee, I thought this
was going to be yet another of the long list of riots in the suburbs after some white guy
gets shot after an armed confrontation with cops - you know the story: soccer moms in
SUVs, looting and burning the local WalMart and COSTCO stores; vicious gangs of
Norwegian bachelor farmers running amok again; MENSA members with PhD's and
torches, finally realizing that they can't cure stupid.

   So imagine my surprise when crowds of Black Loons Matter sympathizers took up
chants of “Black Power” and did the usual “peaceful protesting” - smashing cop cars,
chasing down “crackers” for beat downs, burning down businesses (this time it was a
gas station with 3 people trapped inside)  - the usual sort of thing.

   And firefighters were unable to put out the fire at the gas station because they were
shooting at them!   What does that say about those "peaceful protesters?"

   If they have guns, they aren't protesters, they are anarchists and assassins.

   All because of a traffic stop that quickly became a foot chase when the two occupants
of the car fled the scene.  One had a stolen gun loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition. He
was fatally shot by the police.   When killed, he had more firepower than the pursuing

   The dead thug’s name is Sylville K. Smith.  Do you think if “Obummer had a son,” he
would look like Sylville?

   Smith’s  “baby daddy,”   Patrick Smith,  calls it justifiable and blames himself for his
son’s death.   “When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get.”

   “Being on the street, doing things of the street life: Entertaining, drug dealing and
pimping and they’re looking at their dad like he’s doing all these things.   I got out of jail
two months ago,
   but I’ve been going back and forth in jail and they see those things so
I’d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to.   Now
somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him
and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable,’

   But here’s the real juicy part:
the officer that shot Sylville was black!   (I wonder if
George Soros will withhold the BLM rioters’ paychecks?)

   So, we have another black criminal with a stolen gun, who points it at a black cop
is killed.  
  But Black Loons Matter riots and blames it on white people, calls for white
cops and white people to be killed?

   This is insane!   The cop was doing his job!   Where were these people when 5 blacks
were killed by blacks this weekend in same neighborhood?   I can hardly wait until they
start robbing each other of all the stuff they stole.  Who are they going to call then?

   During the Los Angeles riots of 1992, the police REFUSED to enter the riot zone to
protect citizens, and Korean shopkeepers used "assault weapons" (Ruger Mini-14
Ranch rifles) to hold off the rioting mob that came to burn them and their families alive in
their shops/homes.   That's just ONE good reason for the Second Amendment - not that
we need ANY reason.    It’s also great justification for 30 round magazines.   You need
plenty of firepower to hold off a riot mob.

   The Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment’s Unalienable Rights of all
"Law Abiding People" to keep and bear arms to protect and preserve their own Health –
especially in regular everyday self defense against common thug criminals.

   But it’s also for protecting ourselves against crimes of tyranny, high treason and
mutiny committed by self-criminalized, renegade and treasonous governments.

   We’ve seen the Ferguson riots.   We’ve seen Baltimore on fire.   We’ve seen free-fire
zones in Dallas.   With the probability of more riots occurring, thanks to Comrade
Obummer's racial division policies, we’ve got to remember the “health food” our
Founders provided us – the Second Amendment.

   It’s great health food for a long and healthy Life, available at your local gun health retail
store near you.

   And make sure to stock up on plenty of that healthy nutrient called lead.
" We sleep safe in our beds
because rough men stand ready
in the night to visit violence on
those who would do us harm.
--- George Orwell
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