Arguing for Settled Science

August 30th, 2018
Howling at the Moon

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    Phineas T. Barnum accurately opined: "There's a sucker born every minute."

    And Momma Gump wisely informed young Forrest: “Stupid is as stupid does!"

    So, it’s certainly understandable that my first instinct whenever someone utters the
phrase “Settled Science” is that they are stupid and scared suckers who should be
punched right in the mouth.

    You see, the science was settled that red meat, cheese and butter were bad for you.    
But now, I learn that they are good for you and can reduce your chance of early death by
25%.   (Research Professor Salim Yusuf, from McMaster University in Canada, said: “Our
results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity.”)

    I also remember being told that eggs were bad for you.   Then they were good for
you.   Coffee was bad, but now it’s good.   And alcohol has been shown to be both good
and bad for you (depending upon the actual amounts consumed, of course.)

    Back in the 16th Century, the sun was the center of the universe.   Heretics who
disagreed were burned at the stake.  A “flat earth” was "settled science" way back when
(and there are still individuals who believe the Earth is flat today!)

    For the past few years, it’s been the “settled science” of climate change.   The problem
is that the propaganda of “settled science” has been around for so long that the “true
believers will never be convinced otherwise.  (Hopefully they won’t start burning climate
change deniers at the stake.)

    The suckers/true believers have been persuaded that it's our fault and if we just pony
up a few trillion dollars, it'll all go away.

    What I “believe” is actually dangerous for all of us are all the competing studies that
essentially don’t tell us much if anything at all and politicians that seek to control our
lives and confiscate a greater share of our money to control our lives based on these
studies or based on inaccurate manipulated computer models. Our freedom and
prosperity are at risk.

    Saying that something is settled science is like a snowflake saying, "you can't say
that, it hurts my feelings." It’s merely an attempt to stifle and silence political opponents.
Those who use the term settled science whether they be in journalism, academia, or
politics are political hacks and liars.

    Don't forget, the New Ice Age became global warming became climate change (to
include any change up or down.)   That should be everybody’s first clue.

    Still, after all the intensity, the manipulated test results and 24-hour propaganda, the
liberal climate change scam isn’t working.   So they need something new to manipulate.

  And they may have found it in Canada.

    Enter Kori Doty, a Canadian parent who gave birth to a baby named Searyl.  Kori Doty,
(who has a mustache and light beard,) identifies as a non-binary trans person – neither
male nor female – and prefers to be called "they."

    “They” wants to raise the child as gender-neutral, and are fighting to omit the child's
gender from all official records.

    Then, there’s Dustin Dyck.   He wants gender markers removed from birth certificates.
His (It’s?) teenager, Jordyn, identifies as non-binary, and he believes that Jordyn would
have had an easier childhood if Jordyn had not been identified by gender. Another
parent, Fran Forsberg, has filed a complaint with the provincial Human Rights
Commission because the Vital Statistics Agency has refused to change the gender of
her child, Renn on Renn's birth certificate. (Renn, who is nine, was born a boy but
identifies as a girl.)

    Across Canada, people are requesting governments to retroactively change the sex
listed on their birth certificates, or to have themselves retroactively declared "non-
binary." Provincial governments are attempting to comply. Part of this is an effort to be
socially progressive; part is fear of running afoul of new human-rights legislation that
protects transgender rights. As David Arnot, chief commissioner of the Saskatchewan
Human Rights Commission, says, a judge could reasonably decide that in some cases,
gender signifiers – even on a birth certificate – violate a child's human rights.

    In other words, biological sex is irrelevant; it's how you self-identify that really counts.
By not forcing people into "his" and "hers" boxes, we will reduce stereotyping and
advance equality. At the root of these arguments is the belief that the very concept of a
"gender binary" is false, harmful, and archaic.

    The doctrine of non-binaryism holds that biological sex has nothing to do with gender,
that gender exists along a continuum, and that the differences between the sexes are
socially constructed. Babies are born as blank slates, and the extent to which they
identify as male or female depends on their environment. Evolution plays an
insignificant, if any, role in sex differences, and even the obvious differences in
reproductive function are incidental to people's self-identity. (But then why do
transgender activists often argue that their gender identity is hard-wired, and that
children who identify as the other sex were "born that way?")

    It’s utterly ridiculous for me to have to argue any of this, but the “science” is really
“settled.”   I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.   

    The two biological sexes (and there are only two) co-exist with gender. This holds for
nearly every species in the animal kingdom, even us, and for all societies on Earth.
Close to 100 per cent of the human race is born with a set of either male or female
chromosomes. (A small number of people are born with chromosomal and/or
reproductive abnormalities, and these people are commonly identified as "intersex.")

    Scientifically speaking, sex differences are biological, and they matter. Sexual
differentiation is driven by sexual reproduction, which is the basic mechanism of animal
evolution. It's the way that animals get together and preserve their DNA. Anyone who
claims that sex differentiation is a socially constructed myth, or that it doesn't matter,
must have flunked Biology 101.

    Changing people's birth certificates may make them feel better. But it doesn't change
scientific fact. If your eyes are blue, telling everyone they’re brown doesn't make it true.

    Okay, look.   I’ll try to make this as easy as I can for all of you Gender Studies PhD’s
out there.

    That science is DEFINITELY settled!
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