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June 19th, 2017
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   Christ!   I really thought I’d heard the last of Colon Krappernick!   Especially after the
dope torpedoed his NFL career.    

   Krappernick, the former NFL quarterback who refused to stand during the playing of
the national anthem, has raised the level of his stupidity and ignorance by likening the
police to "the fugitive slave patrols."

   Krappernick made his comments following the not guilty verdict in the trial of a
Minnesota police officer charged with murdering a black motorist during a traffic stop.
The driver, Philando Castile, told officer Jeronimo Yanez that he had a gun, then reached
into his back pocket. Yanez shot him 5 times.

   The Philando Castile trial went on for two weeks.   At the end, twelve jurors –including
two black jurors- deliberated for about 29 hours over the course of five days.  At one
point, the jurors were split 10-2, in favor of acquittal.   After reviewing the “culpable
negligence” evidence pertaining to the case, the two jurors eventually joined the majority.

   So, two black jurors sat on the trial of a Hispanic police officer who killed a black man,
and, after hearing and re-hearing all the evidence in the case and checking it against the
laws of the land, BOTH decided that Officer Yanez was actually not guilty of any of the
charges brought against him.    (Although not in official transcripts, the two black jurors
apparently decided that Officer  Yanez wasn’t a “runaway slave patrolman” either !)

   But hey, Colon watched a two minute Facebook video, so he certainly must know
more than the jurors.

   The reality is that this airhead couldn’t even stop Krappernicking long enough to get
into a training camp somewhere.   

   This tweet of a picture of a police badge and a badge worn by agents for southern
state governments charged with hunting down fugitive slaves certainly shows why his
suspended protest crusade was nothing more than a political maneuver to soothe antsy
NFL owners.

   Fortunately, none of the owners took the bait – or his $16 million salary demand.   The
real Colon Krappernick was always going to come out.   Now he likens police officers (a
huge percentage of which are minorities and an overwhelming percentage of which are
not racists) to slave catchers.

   He can bitch, moan and whine all he wants about being “misunderstood,” and take
shelter in the cover provided by a sympathetic liberal media who will tell everyone that
protesting the flag is the highest form of patriotism  - but there’s no running from
equating law enforcement, an institution which has saved more lives—white and black—
than any other institution in American history, with a marauding band of slave catchers.

   I guess if you're a self-anointed social justice warrior, you can spout and spew any
ignorant comparison and expect a sympathetic media to applaud you for it.

   And he still wonders why no teams want him!?   Millions of people wish they were as
“oppressed” as he says he is.   (Krappernick thinks he's being blackballed for his
political views.    Hey, Colon football is big business, and hiring a high profile
quarterback - even in a backup role - who angers thousands of fans to the point that
many will boycott games, is stupid business.)    There are no consequence-free
soapboxes where you can scream his inanities without fear of punishment in the NFL.

   I predict Krappernick will be eating out of a dumpster in a few years – unless he
somehow snags a jo
b as a political pundit on PMSNBC or the Clinton News Network.
" We sleep safe in our beds
because rough men stand ready
in the night to visit violence on
those who would do us harm.
--- George Orwell
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