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Dear Meryl and Friends

January 14th, 2017
Howling at the Moon
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It's the land of the free...
BECAUSE of the brave.
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Please curb your comments

   First off, let’s get something straight:  We don't need you. You need us.

   Your only job is to entertain us. That’s it.

   You make your living pretending to be someone else; playing dress up like a 6 year
old.  You live in a make believe world in front of a camera (and often when you are away
from one, too.)   Your entire existence depends on our patronage.

   So, if you don’t mind, we’ll turn the crank on the organ - you dance.

   You might have all of the finest Hollywood trophies in world, all the nominations from
all the lists, and all the invites from all the groupies hoping to kiss your pompous
posteriors, but you obviously lack one thing: class.

   Especially you, Meryl.

   At the Golden ‘Let’s Award Ourselves More Stuff’ Showers Awards on Sunday night,
you accepted your Lifetime Achievement award by destroying your lifetime
achievements with a lecture. In the acceptance speech you belched up all the typical
liberal talking points, including “Americans are simpletons who hate foreigners.”    

   And you wonder why “they vilify us pretty people in Hollywood.”

   I’m paraphrasing your remarks, of course.  But, you seem to be under the erroneous
impression that us American simpletons must listen to your spoken words with bated
breath. I don’t think so.

   Yes, Meryl, despite your successes in Tinseltown, you’re still just a pompous windbag
with an over-inflated sense of self-worth.   (By the way, where were you when Obama
was spying on the AP or killing Americans with drones?)

   You need to understand, that the reason most people watch any award ceremony is to
see their favorite movie stars all in one place wearing pretty things, adorned in the most
revealing dresses, sparkling jewels, and scoring beautiful arm candy as a date.

   They damned sure don’t tune in for leftover stale political commentary that’s already
served by talking heads on PMSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABS and NBS.

   And Americans don’t hate foreigners. They hate illegal immigrants invading their
country. So you’re “let’s go around the room and tell everybody where you’re from and
what’s your favorite color” demonstration? Please do it again next year, we have more
elections to win.

   And those simpletons you called out? They’re all working, contributing members of
society who likely entered the country legally or were already born here. So, what was
your point of trying to draw similarities between your air-headed, glitterati pals and the
rule-flouting cretins who invade our country?

   Most of us out here in the real world are lowly working slobs.   Americans vilify you and
your cohorts for the very reason you felt the need to lecture us from on high while
insulting our interests.  And telling everyone you’re part of a vilified group then later
saying “Without us there’d only be MMA and football” is precisely why you’re vilified.  

   You may have forgotten this, Meryl, but those same Americans who like football and
MMA purchase movie tickets. Maybe not to your movies, but to others.   

   Americans like football because it’s competitive. It’s unpredictable. Much the same way
as MMA. We love watching elite athletes compete. You may see such pursuits as
barbaric, but I’d much rather watch someone like Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes  
duke it out for a title than I would watching you humming to yourself with a toothless
man, or schooling Anne Hathaway on the different shades of blue.

   Or lecturing to the rest of America at the Golden Shower awards.

   We don’t really care where you stand on issues. You see, you aren’t real. Once we turn
off the TV or shut down the computer, you cease to exist in our world.   We can put you
back in your little box until we want you to entertain us again. The only words of yours
that matter are scripted.   In our world, you exist solely for our entertainment.

   So, shut up and dance, monkey!"

   Oh, and if there’s a next time, maybe you could thank us.   Just a suggestion from one
of those deplorable simpletons.
" We sleep safe in our beds
because rough men stand ready
in the night to visit violence on
those who would do us harm.
--- George Orwell
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