I R A T E  D O G
STILL More "Drinking Thinking"

Damn, folks!   I'm on a roll !!!   Just keep your hands and feet away from the keyboard!!!   I haven't
written this much, in this short of a time period, since I was forced to revise a memo on street
sweeping twenty-four times in one week!

Foreign Aid:   I am in complete agreement with helping our foreign friends and allies defend
themselves from those who seek to destroy them.   Israel, for example, is an ally almost half the size
of Delaware located smack dab in the middle of a Muslim meat grinder called the Middle East.   Every
other nation in the general vicinity of Israel seeks its absolute destruction, and countries like Iran
have made this well-known.   Then there's North Korea - who vows to destroy our ally South Korea.   
(They've got the money to build nuclear rockets, but can't afford to feed millions of starving North
Koreans - go figure.)    China wants our ally Taiwan gone (probably so they'll have an easier time
taking another ally - Japan.)   Giving these allies military assistance, food and supplies, technology
and so forth, seems reasonable to me.   It seems like the "right" thing to do.   It seems like, well,
actual foreign aid.
But can someone -ANYONE- please explain to me how giving away millions of tax dollars to teach
African males how to wipe their asses and clean their genitals
after sex qualifies as "foreign aid"?   
Give me a break!   Send them some military-surplus soap and OD wash rags!!!   How about sending
them a couple tons of condoms or a few thousand cases of birth control pills?    What other kind of
foreign "aid" are we handing out to these people?   On second thought, keep the military surplus for
OUR citizens who might need it!

Health Care:   I know, I know!   Seems like I still can't wrap my brain around this Obamacare bullshit,
but at least now I know what Nancy Pelosi really wanted to say when she uttered that now-infamous
"We've got to pass Health Care to know what's in it."   You see...Nancy left out a couple of words -
intentionally, I'm sure.   Re-phrase that quote as "We've got to pass Health Care
before anybody can
know what's in it."  and it makes a lot more sense, doesn't it?   NOW I know what the big hurry was all
about!   Oh, and Nancy...I'm no "professional" politician, but the vast majority of Americans would
have tried actually READING the damned bill to find out what was in it - why couldn't you?   

How 'Bout Them Reparations?   El Presidente Obummer is trying to re-ignite the fire for reparations
to former slaves - or the descendents of slaves.   How nice of him - especially since he won't get
anything (having a Kenyan father and all.)   But it brings up some more "drinking-thinking" logic.   
How is anyone going to be able to determine who is the direct descendant of an actual slave?   I
mean, if the government's ability to track valid, historical information is any indication at all,
I could be
eligible for reparations!!!   Everyone can -or at least should- agree that slavery was an absolutely
horrible chapter of American history - a history that otherwise provides ample evidence to the
compassion and kindness of the country since it's founding.
Even more to the point, though, is that Obummer seems to be "excusing" everyone else from their
culpability.   What about the European countries who organized the routes and the "trading"?   How
about the African tribal chieftains and rulers who "sold" their own people
INTO slavery?   I'm a
SECOND-GENERATION American.   My mother was 69 years old when she died.   I'm 58 now.   At most
that's 127 years ago.   1883 A.D. at the
earliest.   A couple of years AFTER the Civil War ended slavery
in this country (even by public school standards.)   So MY family
wasn't even here when this crap was
going on!!!   If you want to pay "reparations",  start with those African leaders' heirs and those
European organizers.   Even then, I -along with everyone else who's family has been in this country
less than 145 years should be exempted from having to redistribute their wealth for this absolute
crock of shit!   And there had better be a "reparations tax credit" for those families who've been here
longer than 145 years, but who LOST loved ones in the Civil War!   How's THAT for a compromise
proposal, Barry?

Totally Random Thought of the Day:   (Sorry, it's a by-product of drinking-thinking.)   Was it Hope AND
Change, or Hope
FOR Change?   I really can't remember, now.   And it brings to mind something else
John Wayne once said:   
"Life is tough.   It's even tougher when you're stupid."
October 5, 2010