The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Read
August 23rd, 2017
Howling at the Moon

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   Talk about political correctness run amok…

   The New York Times reports that ESPN has reassigned an announcer to broadcast a
football game at the University of Virginia’s first football game next month because he
has the same name as a Confederate general memorialized in statues (currently being
taken down across the country.)

   The network announced late Tuesday that the announcer, Robert Lee, a part-time
employee who calls about a dozen college football and basketball games a year for
ESPN, would no longer participate in the broadcast of the Sept. 2 game in   
Charlottesville, Virginia.

   As I’m sure you’ve heard, white nationalists and neo-Nazis flooded into  Charlottesville,
marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches, to protest the city’s
plan to remove a statue of the Confederacy’s top general, Robert E. Lee.   

   What you probably didn’t hear was that were viciously attacked by far-left “peaceful”
groups like BLM and Antifa, who came bearing gifts of 2x4’s with nails and screws,
concrete-filled coke cans and urine-filled balloons.

   So, ESPN executives decided that for “his safety” it would be best to have Mr. Lee
work on a different game that Saturday (the San Francisco Queens versus Ferguson
College Blaze.)

   “We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragc events  
in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name,” ESPN
said in a statement. “In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is   
even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football  
game has become an issue.”

   Yeah, right.   And I regret that ESPN had to make it a “topic of conversation.”

   It would seem that ESPN’s “safety concern” is an outright acknowledgement by the
left that their supporters do not – and cannot - behave in a civilized manner, and are in
fact violent extremists that would do harm to someone just based on their name or
appearance (just ask the Antifa member beaten up by other Antifa members because he
LOOKED like a neo-Nazi.)

   Personally, I have to believe that you’d be pretty safe in Virginia with a surname of Lee
– at least safer than if you had a last name like Grant or Sherman.   

   Of course, Antifa and BLM might still be hanging around, so ESPN is taking no

   So what’s ESPN going to do now?   I mean, if an athlete’s name is Robert Lee, is ESPN
going to refuse to show their game?   Will that athlete’s gridiron heroics be censored
from SportsCenter?

   I wonder what ESPN has to say about Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee and all of the
hysteria over his surname.   (I also wonder if Bruce Lee is rolling over in his grave and if
ESPN thinks penguins have knees
- but those are topics for another time.)

   If these mentally deranged lunatics, AND the lunatics who watch ESPN, can't tell the
difference between "Robert E Lee" from 150+ years ago and a part-time Asian
sportscaster "Robert Lee" we are in trouble.

   And ESPN wonders why the
ir subscriptions and viewership just keep falling lower.

   Golly gee!   I sure hope that Mr. Lee doesn’t have any statues in his yard!
" We sleep safe in our beds
because rough men stand ready
in the night to visit violence on
those who would do us harm.
--- George Orwell
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2nd Amendment
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