I R A T E  D O G
In Vino Veritas.   "In wine there is truth" for those of you fortunate enough NOT to have endured four
years of Latin taught by Jesuit (see Spanish Inquisition) scholastics and priests.

The "thought juice" has been replenished and I'm in the mood to share additional revelations from
the Bowmore single-malt oracle.

"Inherited Problems":   How about THIS for an "Oh My God!" moment:   Mr. Obummer campaigned for
months and months and spent millions and millions of dollars convincing Americans to make him
President of the United States.   So, I literally cringe every time he says
"I inherited these problems."or
"These issues existed long before I became President."   You DIDN'T inherit them, Barry - you BOUGHT
AND PAID FOR them!   They are YOURS!   And you're making them WORSE!   Stop blaming the guys who
came before you.    If you didn't WANT them, why did you fight so hard to get them?

Chief of
Stuff:  Associated Press has reported that Obummer's Chief of Staff, Rambo Emmanuel has
left the White House to begin campaigning for Mayor of Chicago.   My first impression of this "move"
is that Chicago doesn't really need him - they're already bankrupt.   So there must be another
reason.   I say it's because he's already done all the damage that the American public will let him do -
especially now that we are onto him.   No, really, he's seen the lower compartments of this particular
"ship of state" and realized that it's sinking - and fast!   
"Do as I say - NOT as I do!" is another symptom
of Rambo's mental instability, along with
"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste."  How's THAT one sound
to all of you "Hope and Change" Idiots, now?

Crap and Tax:   Can someone please tell me why rich liberal progressives have such hatred for
American industries?   We've got enough oil in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of
California (how 'bout THEM as an example of fiscal responsibility, huh?) to power this country for the
next two- to three-hundred years!!!   That might even be just enough time to develop and prove "re-
usable energy".   Besides, "cap and trade" is nothing more than a new tax, created from bogus
"science" to redistribute my money to somebody else.   It's redistribution of wealth - a Marxist
philosophical tenet- pure and simple.   Proponents will tell you it's "taxing the polluters", but if those
"polluters" happen to be my water and light utility companies, do you honestly believe they're going
to "eat" those arbitrary, additional expenses without even an attempt to try to recoup some of it from
end-users like you and me?   Even Obummer's own people admit that this "necessarily" has to
happen.   Peter Orszag, Mr. Obummer's former (see Chief of Staff above) budget director -- told
Congress last year that "Those price increases are essential to the success of a cap-and-trade
program."   President Obummer keeps omitting that his no-new-taxes pledge comes with the caveat
"unless you use energy."

Card Check: This is Obummer’s un-American bill designed to prohibit the right to a secret ballot when
it comes to joining a union or not. This is laughingly described by the Obummer crowd as: “The
Employee Free Choice Act”.    This monstrosity of a bill intends to put union goons directly in the path
of free speech and free choice. Employees will no longer have the right of privacy necessary to
decide their vote. They will now have to decide in front of union organizers who will pressure each
employee to vote in favor of the union. This is not only un-American but outright gangsterism - a
familiar tool of this particular president.   What's next?   A "volunteer" poll worker coming into the
polling booth to make sure I vote "correctly"?   These people have already laid the groundwork for
this one - remember ACORN?   They're still around.

National Defense:   This is nothing short of big joke!   We can't "profile" middle-eastern" people
between the ages of 25 and 45 when that is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR
TAKING DOWN THE WORLD TRADE CENTER?!   You've GOT to be kidding me!   And don't even talk to
me about our southern borders.   I haven't seen too many non-hispanics trying to cross the Rio
Grande!   How many Texans, Arizonans and Californians are trying to sneak into Mexico?   Unless we
close our borders, mandate that immigrants come here LEGALLY, assimilate into OUR way of doing
things, embrace OUR culture, learn OUR language, etc... well....we're heading toward "third world"

The ONLY way for some people to get ahead in this life, is by trying to drag everybody else down to
their level.   That's their definition of "equality."   But that's how Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto
describes what must be done:   "To each according to their need, from each according to their

Sorry, the thought juice is causing me to lose what little control I have over my "political
correctness".   I sure hope the Department of Homeland Security doesn't read this.   On the other
hand, who gives a damn?
October 2, 2010