I R A T E  D O G
We Have Met The Enemy – And He Is Us!

News flash!   Stop the presses!   Extra!   Extra!   Read all about it!

AP is reporting out of Washington DC that the new acting head of the Internal Revenue Service is telling Congress
that American taxpayers “no longer trust the agency” amid a growing number of scandals – from targeting
conservative political groups and individuals to lavish spending (nearly $50 million on employee conferences last
year alone.)

But the “new, improved” acting IRS Commissioner, Danny Werfel says he is “committed to restoring that trust.”
Werfel says he has installed new leadership at the agency and is conducting a thorough review of what went wrong
and how to fix it.

Oh, well, golly gee, if you’re installing new leadership and conducting a thorough review, then we’re all good to go!  
Nothing to see here, people. Move along.   Move along.   

Werfel gave this testimony before a House Appropriations subcommittee in what is his first public appearance since
taking over the IRS nearly two weeks ago (WAY back then.)  Werfel acknowledged that IRS agents improperly
targeted conservative political groups for additional scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status during the 2010
and 2012 elections.

He revealed that the IRS over-payed tax credit refunds by 20%.  When Congressmen pointed out that the overpayment
totaled more than the IRS' total budget, Werfel explained that a major component of the gross mismanagement is the
"complexity of the code and the complexity of the eligibility criteria."

Werfel’s testimony also alluded to the fact that “water is wet,” “fire can burn you,” and “unicorns don’t exist” and
said that he recently found out – all by himself-  what his “destiny” in life was.   (His Mama must be very proud.)

I don’t think Mr. Werfel has any DNA links to Sherlock Holmes.   

Come on!   It’s not like there was a whole lot of trust to begin with!    When was the last (or only, if one even exists)
time that someone said the IRS was chock full of integrity and fairness?   I want to see some folks go to Jail !   I want
to see these career bureaucrats, like Lois Lerner, lose their retirement benefits!    

My ten-year-old nephew had that “trust” thing figured out eight years ago.   The IRS is like trusting “Big Al” when he
comes with a baseball bat to collect money for ‘da boss’.   They are nothing more than the enforcement arm of big
government.   Do what they say or they will destroy you.   (And they’ll be using your money to do it!)

And if the tax code is so complex that even IRS employees can’t properly understand and apply it, doesn’t that
validate the need for comprehensive tax reform?   Fair Tax? Flat tax?   Maybe instead of worrying about
comprehensive immigration reform to make legal those who have already broken our laws, we should look at
comprehensive IRS reform.   Abolish the IRS and replace it with a flat tax that everybody pays – instead of half the
country paying and the other half mooching off of the first half.

At the very least, IRS employees should spend some of their multi-million dollar  "conference budget" on actual
employee training instead of making idiotic line dancing videos.

Thanks to ObummerCare, these same buffoons will now have access to all of your medical records (that they can
turn over to political organizations!)

I’ve heard all this before.   The Obummer promise of “transparency” in his administration.   “The most transparent
administration in history” he said.   He forgot to mention that you needed Superman’s X-ray vision to see through it,

So pardon my skepticism.   Werfel, like Susan Rice, is just one more new face for the same old lip service –nothing
more than White House talking points.   And it’s from the exact same script that’s been in use the past four years.   

No trust?   Never has been, pal.   Complicated?   Einstein’s Theory of Relatively is simpler.   

I wonder if the “new, improved” leader of the IRS gave Lois Lerner her walking papers or if she’s still on paid
“administrative leave” – pending a “thorough review,” of course.   Is Werfel going to be able to find out who in the
White House okay’d this and fire them?   Will he be able to simplify the tax code or find out what happened in Libya?

Of course not.   

He stated that as if the mistrust of big government was limited to just the IRS.   What’s he going to do about the EPA
or Benghazi or the Department of INjustice?

Not a thing.   He’s simply another Obummer distraction.   Two weeks into his term as “acting” IRS head and he’s
testifying to what, exactly?   To the talking points he was given?   The real guilty are being protected and this idiot is
testifying in front of Congress with absolutely nothing to say.

The IRS has its own courts, its own judges and its own rules and regulations.   They can seize your property without
even so much as a nod to your Fourth Amendment due process rights.   To them, you’re guilty until you spend the time
and money to prove yourself innocent.

But they seem to be pretty fond of the Fifth Amendment, don’t they?   

As Walt Kelly’s Pogo once said:
June 4th, 2013