I R A T E  D O G
Wagging the Dog for Allah

Yet another Islamic terrorist attack in London !

But you wouldn’t know that if you’re a regular reader of the Washington Post.

We all know how the liberal lame stream media reacts whenever this happens, but how do regular, every-day libtards
react when Muslims indiscriminately kill people?

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that they don't equate the terrorist act with Islam.   So what kind of pretzel do they twist
themselves into?

In spite of my aversion to all brainless things, I decided to delve into the comments section of the Huffington Post.

It was…..enlightening….to say the least.

Pat  • Knightdale, North Carolina:   Another sad chapter in our current world history. What will it take for all of us to
realize all life is important?

Seriously - all of us?    Where are all the Christians, Buddhists and Hindus running down people in vans and stabbing
them?   And I was just wrapping my brain around “black lives matter!”   Pat, “liberal creeping moral equivalence” may
be terminal in your case.

Stephen H. • Senior Software Engineer at Self Employed - Independent Contractor:    Hate breads Violence.

"Hate breads violence?"   Thanks, Stevie.   Now we know why these Islamofascist terrorists have been slicing people
up ! They're in pursuit of the perfect sandwich!  And I guess the captured pilot who was burned alive in a cage was
simply Islam’s attempt to perfect barbecue recipes!   Isn’t it wonderful how Libtard insights bring clarity?

Zanna T. • City of London Polytechnic: I suspect it is not even terrorism anymore - simply unevolved males leaping at
the chance to be randomly violent.

Of course, Zanna!   It's all men's fault – NOT Islam!    Does anyone here think Zanna is an "evolved" female?   If so,
does that mean she pays for her own abortions?   Good thing that not one female Muslim has blown herself up, huh?

Sharon P.: Joblessness leads to anger and fatalism….the economic imbalances – pervasive world wide – are boiling
over into the lives of the everyday person. Until the elite (1-percent) and their heirs are also targeted global
economics will be managed without regard to our everyday lives.

Sharon’s real name must be Marie Harf.   The unemployed are doing the killing!  Except they are not unemployed. But
hey, let’s blame the "one percent" when Muslims come a knockin’.   Their violence and desire to establish a world
wide caliphate is seated in joblessness and despair and not in the teachings of their personal guide to savagery and
demonic killing.

Yuseff H.: Simple put, anywhere there is a heavy flow of pedestrian traffic needs to havw barrier erected between the
road and the sidewalk, it will mitigate this sort of attack, and reduce Jay-walking.

Yuseff may be onto something. All we need are concrete barriers on every road in London, and such attacks will
never occur again!   Except outside of London.  Of course, concrete barriers wouldn’t necessarily prevent knife or
bomb attacks.   It's apparently a lot easier to put barriers on every road than to consider the actual source of these
attacks, isn't it?   Keep thinking, Yuseff.   You still might get there.

Pilar N.: And how many people die from gun violence in America every day? Oops! Thats not terrorism, its gun rights
for a few privileged

I think Pilar went a little off topic. Guns didn't kill anyone. Muslims did.   Of course, three of the terrorists were
reportedly killed by gunfire once London’s armed Police (Motto: When seconds count, we’re minutes away!) showed
up.   Still, how Pilar makes the jump from Muslims killing people with vans and knives in London, to the right to own a
firearm the United States is unclear.   I thought they had medication, now, for cognitive dissonance.

Brian D. • Michigan State University: I wonder if the xenophobic Brexit vote has increased the antipathy felt by
terrorists leaning nuts - more people feel they have nothing to lose?

So, when the British voted to leave the EU, they only made Muslims angrier, Brian?

Dennis U.: Criminals will always commit crimes, the ISIS criminals just use Islam as a excuse to carry out those
crimes, true Muslims would not take another life, but then again they have become to terror rock stars because of
the Islamophobia to scare the Republican voters into voting for Republican candidates to keep them safe.

According to Dennis, Islamists kill British people, therefore, Islamophobia is to blame?

Rick S. • Sydney, Australia: It's time England banned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media used by
terrorists to radicalise young muslims.

Rick’s right - the problem is Facebook and Twitter, not Islam.

sdc512:  No nation is more responsible for the export of the type of fundamentalism that underlies Islamist
extremism than Saudi Arabia. If all of us who decry radical Islamist terrorism would lessen our dependency on oil, we
could accomplish more to end that fundamentalist regime, and thereby terrorism, than anything else we could do.

I knew I’d be able to find someone who would find a way to blame us for terrorism. It's because we buy oil from Arab

Adrian M.: Trump wastes no time trying to exploit this in order to push his disgusting travel ban. A real president
would have confined himself, for now, to expressing concern for the victims.

Damn!  I knew it !! Trump is to blame!   Actually, Adrian, President Trump should be praised because he used this
occasion to point out the need for his travel ban.

What the hell is wrong with these morons?!  

Some stated that the attacks were directly caused by Trump's withdrawal from the Paris(Itic) Climate accords!   

Yeah.   No one cares more about the environment than un-evolved male lovers of Allah who only wish to return the
planet to a pristine state of no infidels.

Climate change denial ticks the jihadists off every time.  Buy them all Teslas. Throw in lambs wearing lingerie.
There's still time for appeasement.

These comments from liberal retards only demonstrate just how stupid the human race has become.

It’s always amazing to me that liberals can’t understand it is their liberal mindset that Islam hates the most!   Do they
really think that Islam will spare their head because they supported Islam?  Are they so totally clueless that they
believe they won’t be thrown off the PMSNBC building because they’re gay?   

They, like the Christians of a week ago that were killed in Egypt, will be asked to renounce their Christian beliefs (if
they have any) and convert or face the sword. Of course, they will convert.   And that kind of thinking by so many
people, especially people in positions of power place all of us, our children and grandchildren in very grave danger.

Ayatollah Khomeini is quoted as saying “Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled
and incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of [other] countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in
every country in the world.   Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who
say this are witless.   Islam says Kill all the unbelievers."

How’s that for “diversity?”

I’ll leave you with one last snowflake testimonial.

Jerry L. – None of this would’ve ever happened if Trump and the Russians didn’t steal the election from Hilllary.

Listen, Jerry.  Islamophobia didn’t scare me into voting for Trump.

Hillary Clinton did.
June 5th, 2017