I R A T E  D O G
Surviving the First of July in Kansas

So, my fellow Kansas rubes, did you live long enough to celebrate Independence Day?

Well, it’s now July 5th.   Has gun fire, death & destruction broken out all over the fruited plains
of Kansas?   What happened (or in this case, what didn't happen?)

Funny, but I sure didn’t CNN “breaking” the news about 700 million killed in Kansas since July
1st.  There weren’t any stories describing rivers of blood flowing in the streets.

If you believed left-wing lunatics, Kansas was set to explode in uncontrolled violence and
bloodshed starting July 1st, when a provision put in place by the Kansas legislature FOUR
YEARS AGO went into effect!

According to them, this provision would squelch free speech on campuses everywhere.
Students would be afraid to speak due to the threat of violence from fellow students!   (All of
that’s happening now, but it’s the liberal left doing the squelching and sowing the fear.)   
Teachers would fear giving someone a bad grade because of the sheer violence that would
befall them!  (I see rampant grade inflation caused by sawed off shotguns!)

What could possibly cause such chaos and terror in the Nation’s heartland?

The answer is way back in 2013, when the Kansas legislature passed a law requiring that local
municipalities and buildings owned by the state either have adequate security preventing the
carrying of guns inside the property or require that citizens be allowed to carry concealed
firearms on such properties.   

To put it simply, the provision says either allow citizens to defend themselves, or provide
adequate security.  University campuses (or is it campii?)  were allowed an exemption from
concealed carry for four years, giving them enough time to make plans for proper security
measures to be installed. (Yeah, you read that right. They had four years.)

Since then, liberals professors have sought refuge in other states.  Others have decided to
stop teaching and are seeking alternative pursuits like research. One or two have opted for

Yes.   The Dark days have arrived for Kansas!

Unfortunately, there is no single place to go for definitive numbers.   However, the grand total
of those who have made public announcements about their leaving state universities
because of the concealed carry law is around a half-dozen.   The Manhattan Mercury (Kansas
State University) listed three academic staff and one other employee.   At Kansas University,
Jacob Dornan made a big splash with his announcement in March.   At Wichita State, Deborah
Ballard-Reisch announced her resignation blaming concealed carry on campus.   (Concealed
carry and liberal professors leaving?   What's not to like?!)

Let’s see….that’s 5 of about 5,800 academic staff in the six state universities.   Hardly a mass
exodus.   (But hell if we can get ONE liberal democrat professor to resign by passing
concealed-carry permits we’re that much better off!  The more liberal democrat extremists that
quit the better!)

Besides, if these leftist fear-mongers were even CLOSE, there should be plenty of incidents
where hostile students confronted others with guns, or situations where the presence of
guns has squelched free speech. Or how (insert leftist bullshit argument here) has happened
in the ten states where campus concealed carry is already allowed.

And, since some Kansas municipalities chose not to participate in the FOUR YEAR exemption,
many municipal buildings have allowed concealed carry holders inside state and county
owned buildings for the past four years.   Using liberal "logic,” it should be easy to find
instances in Kansas where their doomsday claims have materialized, shouldn’t it?   In the past
four years, there should be plenty of instances where angry confrontational gun owners
pointed their pistols at frantic clerks over a driver’s license issue or a property tax problem.   
Surely, there are multitudes of times where these hotheads took their guns out of holsters
and threatened innocent government workers.   

Can you guess how many thousands of times this has happened?  Okay, how about hundreds
of times? Dozens of times? A handful of times, maybe?   Any?

That’s right, zero is the number.   You can search for hours to find such incidents and will find
nothing.  No injuries, no blood in the streets or in DMV offices.

And the same will be true this fall, when universities begin a new year.   No students will be
confronting teachers over a bad grade.    There will be no mass shootings on campuses
(sorry, campii?)

Do you know who will fear guns on campus? Criminals! They just lost their target-rich gun-free

Take a poll of the parents of those killed at Sandy Hook, Umpqua, Virginia Tech, Stockton or
any other school where their kids were taken from them. Ask them if they would have wanted
a couple of armed teachers or students, if old enough, to have been there ready to defend
all.   The safest place to be is in the midst of trained, responsible law abiding armed citizens. If
people have the right to life, then they have a right to protect that life.

Sadly, Liberals would never let facts or results influence their self righteous worldview.
But they "feel" it will happen, so it must be true, right?   They refuse to consider anything
besides how they "feel" - or how they were told to "feel" about something.

There's a reason tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, George II, etc...throughout history
have taken away arms from the people: to gain power over you they wouldn't have otherwise.

Be it criminal or crazy, terrorist or tyrant, their desire is the same...you subject to them at the
point of their firearms.

Arizona passed a concealed carry law where all who would qualify to buy a handgun can carry
one open or concealed.   Of course the lunatic left predicted the Apocalypse. However,
something really strange happened.  The murder rate actually decreased, can anyone of you
useless democrat/progressive/communist trash explain that?

And remember the DC gun ban?   It passed and violent crime went UP!   When it was finally
repealed violent crime went down.

Does anyone remember the professor at VA Tech (a “gun free campus) who blocked the door
so his students could escape out the window?   Or, the principle at Sandy Hook (yet another
“gun free zone) who charged the gunman barehanded attempting to protect the kids?

I wonder what heroes like that might have prevented if they'd had a Glock in their desk.

So, despite all the fear mongering from the Left, Kansas citizens and students are safer
starting July 1, and the sensational, emotional arguments from Leftists will be found to be
without merit – once again.

Hope you enjoyed the Fourth!
July 5th, 2017