I R A T E  D O G
Irate Dog
David Piglet …

… because I just can’t bring myself to think of him as a fully-grown hog.

Has David Hogg just lost it?

I don’t believe so.   Primarily because you can't lose something you never had.

Whatever he may have learned in high school, it obviously wasn’t the English language.   Or
economics.   Or anything remotely useful on a day-to-day basis.   It’s that, or he actually wants to
increase the number of gun deaths in inner-city communities.

Either way, the poster boy for gun-grabbing leftists is showing the world just how confused and
ignorant he really is.

In recent a Twitter exchange with a conservative commentator, Hogg let his ignorance slip with a
colossally nonsensical argument for the left’s favorite economic policy: Raising the minimum

“The $15 minimum wage is to help spur gun violence in lower income communities so kids don’t
have to resort to crime to subsidize their income help raise their family,” Hogg wrote. “Right now
it’s right around the anniversary Pulse nightclub.”

Crazy boy says what?!  Piglet obviously doesn’t understand that the word “spur” actually means
to encourage something (say like President Trump’s tax plan “spurs” economic growth.)   Or a
tender slapping a donkey’s ass to get it to go faster.

He’s saying that a $15 per-hour minimum wage would increase violence in inner city

Maybe a basic understanding of English wasn’t a requirement for the budding young fascists
strolling the halls of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School.   The little Fascist probably meant
"curb".   Relying on spell check and not proofreading yourself might be why all those colleges
took a pass on admitting you.

Maybe young Piglet is still disoriented from his undeserved position of being in the American
public eye for so long.   Still, even allowing for a momentary mental lapse, and assuming what
Hogg really meant was that a $15 minimum wage would discourage gun violence in lower-
income communities, the argument doesn’t hold any water.
The idea that poor inner-city kids would be less inclined to murderous violence if they only had
more money is abhorrent on moral grounds.  But it makes no sense from a strictly economic
standpoint, either.

Real-life socialist experiments in Seattle, according to a recently released study from the
University of Washington, shows that employers were forced to reduce employee hours who
earned the new government mandated wage by 9 percent. To put those lost working hours into
perspective, it’s a loss of 3.5 million hours every 3 months for hourly minimum wage workers in

In New York, the mere proposal of a $15 minimum wage is causing companies to plan on
automating and outsourcing.   Noam Brodsky, owner of a chain of New York City restaurants is
preparing to do both.  Much of the ordering is already automated, but they still have employees
taking and inputting orders right now “because human contact is important to building customer
relationships.”  Yet, he will still have to cut back on the number of people doing that job.
Customers will have to input their own orders either online or at a console in the restaurant. And
he won’t be able to have as many people preparing the food - outsourcing the work. That will
eliminate even more jobs.

It’s common sense that, businesses faced with higher minimum wage requirements for their
workers end up employing fewer workers.  A higher minimum wage law might mean a few
dollars more per week for some workers, but a much higher number of overall jobs lost.  In other
words, Piglet, less money for exactly the kind of people you and your fellow leftists claim to be
concerned about.

And in Piglet’s universe, that means more murderous thugs running around committing mayhem
for want of a chance to earn a decent living.

But, as ignorant as Piglet’s economic opinions are, his attempt to link the June 12, 2016,
massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando is even more ignorant and sickening.

The attack on the nightclub was committed as an act of Islamist terror, by a man who CNN
reported had pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State group.   Islamist terrorism was the
motive behind the murder of 49 innocent people at the Pulse nightclub.   It most definitely wasn’t
some misguided act of outrage demanding that the minimum wage be increased.

If this is an example of Piglet’s education it’s no wonder he wasn't accepted to a decent
college.   It at least explains why he was immediately rejected by four of them.

For David Piglet Hogg, still enjoying his unfathomable celebrity and the media attention that
comes from being an anti-gun zealot with a following, none of this will probably make much of a

One more reason we need to force congress to raise the voting age !!! The Piglet is proof that if
you are not mature enough to make decisions about owning a gun until you are 21 then how on
earth are you intelligent or grown up enough to help make a decision about who is running this

Hopefully, it will show the saner parts of the country just how far out in left field these leftists really

June 13th, 2018