I R A T E  D O G
Irate Dog
Piglet Slops Again…

Wow!   What a shitty week!   Nothing spells victory in the fall like the shit show of Whoopi yelling
obscenities, Ocasio-Cortez selling communism, Pelosi promising tax hikes, James Comey
pleading against communism, MadMaxine Waters burning flags, Joe Biden threatening to run
again, and gun control advocate David Piglet unleashing a tweet storm over the #WalkAway
movement!   (The story of the untold number of Americans walking away from the Democrat

I have to admit that I almost forgot this mutant was still alive ... screaming for relevance.

Piglet is the whack-a-mole hiding at Chuck-e-Cheese.  At least, he keeps popping up like one of
those Whack a Mole games.   (Now that's not a bad idea:   Make and sell a 'Whack a Liberal'
game!   You could have little heads of Pelosi, Obummer, Schumer, Maxipads, Schiff, Clinton,
whack whack whack!   Sounds like fun!)

But, I digress…

David Hogg’s first tweet on the subject, sent at 11:30 am, said:

David Hogg
#WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is
Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda #WalkAway is Russian propaganda
#WalkAway is Russian propaganda

Remember this November we need to vote against @Russia https://www.cnn.
com/2018/07/17/opinions/russian-bots-2018-midterm-elections-opinion-love/index.html …

Walk Away. Isn't that the Coward County Sheriff's Department motto?

The origins of #WalkAway are quite well known, and the people supporting it are obviously
Americans. Anyone who thinks it’s somehow a Russian plot are either deliberately ignorant or
outright lying, and they will see in November just how serious Americans in the center are about
rejecting the Democratic Party’s hate and communist ideology.

Still, it’s an awesome 1-2 punch from the Piglet - advertising for the #walkaway movement, and
defining exactly what they’re walking away from.   (Hint, David.   They are walking away from
people like you!)   Your little bubble world is getting smaller.

His second tweet, sent at 11:46 am, took a turn toward gun control by stressing opposition to the
NRA. It said:

David Hogg

November is the time for the American people to #WalkTogether into the polls not as
Democrats or Republicans but as Americans in a war against Russian propaganda and fear
spread by organizations like @NRA

Use #WalkTogether to counter this propaganda.

Walk together?!   If I recall, it was mostly Democrats who went to war against the rest of the
country so that they could continue to keep black people as slaves.   Now I’m supposed to
believe they’re the ones fighting for black people's rights?   Seriously?   WalkTOGETHER?

And I think it’s Democrat that have set up and funded an entire industry to kill babies in the womb
- to try and prevent the ‘wrong’ kind of people from becoming parents!   They call that one
“Planned Parenthood.

Leftists seem to think this ‘propaganda’ will continue to work for them, forever.

Well, two can play that game.   Maybe Oliver North could issue the Piglet a lifetime membership
to NRA…and PUBLICIZE IT!   If not, I’d be more than happy to throw a couple of bucks into the
pot and buy this punk one.   No thanks necessary, Davie!

Watching the Piglet suddenly realize his complete irrelevancy is fun!  Go ahead and call voters a
few more names Davie.   Insults and arrogant condescension from useful idiots are a great way
to get them back. I just love watching Piglet scampering to extend his 15 minutes of fame (that
ended hours ago) trying vainly to becoming relevant again.

Hogg’s third tweet on the subject said:

David Hogg

These Midterms could be the last election of our lifetime. VOTE

The problem for Piglet and all those who think like him is that gun control is not an important
topic for the vast majority of American adults, and adults are the Americans who vote.

Gallup’s July survey shows that gun control dropped from being important to 13 percent of
American adults in March to being important to two percent of American adults in July.

On the other hand, the NRA had approximately five million members when Donald Trump was
elected in November 2016. They have approximately six million members now.   Good job,

I know you’re not just any high school snot nose. You’re the Hoggster! You were in the closet
when it all went down!   But now your out of the closet speaking hoggwash to power. Your
experience makes you wise beyond your years and you’re able to discern the threat of the
KGB/NRA as well as the #walkaway movement

I don’t know about the rest of you, but whenever I need advice on what and who to vote for I
always seek out the nearest snot-nosed high school kid.   Especially the dumbest ones.

The big problem with leftists like Piglet is that their arguments are always emotion and opinion
based.    There’s never any facts.   "Last election of our lifetimes," "Russian Propaganda!"

Not one iota of fact in any statement.  Just personal opinions and emotions.

This is why I think they’re losing. They never heeded the advice of Daniel Patrick Moynihan (one
of their own):  "You're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts."

Hey, Piglet!   Do you remember that time when Trump told the Russian President that he would
have “more flexibility after the election?”

Or that the time when Russia gave 150 million dollars to the Trump Foundation?

Or that time when Trump signed off on giving Russia control of 20% of American Uranium??

How about Trump's Russian reset button?

Yea, me neither.

Piglet, at one time you were at least a “useful” idiot.   Now you’re just an idiot.
July 23rd, 2018